Tell us your Knitted Life Story

Starting on 4 January 2023 the Framework Knitters Museum is partnering with the Knitted Lives project to capture as many stories about knitters and knitting as we can.

Maybe you learnt from your grandma when you were a child. Maybe you like to knit when you’re at the dentist. Maybe you knit jumpers and blankets for refugees. Maybe you just like to make socks, socks and more socks. Maybe you have a great yarn bombed post box in your street. Maybe you’ve never tried knitting at all but want to remember someone who knitted things for you.  We want to know about your knitted wonders and knitted disasters as well as the woolly items that are loved and those that are loathed.

Each month the Knitted Lives project will provide a different knit-related prompt on Instagram. The only requirement is to include the hashtag #myknittedlife so everyone can find, like, comment on, and share posts.

Follow @knitted.lives to find out more, and be the first to find out the prompt each month. Tell your friends – the more stories we have, the better.

About the Knitted Lives Project:

Knitted Lives is a celebration and exploration of knitting in all its forms from the mundane to the magnificent.  From woolly wonders to dropped stitch disasters the Knitted Lives project captures different voices and viewpoints on the joy, love, bonding, frustration and solace of knitting, giving a glimpse under the knitted blanket into the hidden life of the everyday knitter and those who receive their wares. How do knitters think, interact and create? What is their knitted history from their first stitch, through to their proudest moment? Who did they knit with, where and when?

For 2023, the doors are open and everyone is invited to contribute their own stories and memories of knitters and knitting.