Masterclass with Rachel Carter

Sculptor Rachel Carter will deliver an unplugged activity that families can do together over the summer holidays to create a woven diamond sculpture that can be suspended in a window.

The style of the diamond has been inspired by the framework knitting heritage of Ruddington, with all materials and instructions supplied in a beautifully crafted activity box.

The diamond sculpture will be large enough to accommodate an LED light and allow participants to include threads of paper with which to hold their thoughts, stories, memories, personal histories relating to the heritage of the village and the framework knitting industry.

The packs will be delivered to local schools before the end of the summer term and there will also be a master class delivered by Rachel on the 4th of September.

Once completed, we will be asking everyone to install their own illuminated diamonds in their windows to create a light trail through the village and be part of ‘The Ruddington Great Exhibition’ on the 4th December, celebrating the unique heritage of the village and the newly opened Framework Knitters’ Museum.

Join Rachel in a master class learning how to make woven diamond sculptures. There will be four 1 hour workshops between 9:30am 3:30pm. To book visit

In the Chapel at the Museum. Open to all ages and abilities. Family friendly.