Light Knit event

The museum has been working with Glassball Arts to create a one-off evening event to complement the village’s Christmas Market. It will showcase some of the work villagers and students have produced with the museum this year as well as surprising works by international artists working with knitting technology.

We’re encouraging everyone who created a woven diamond sculpture or ceramic lantern to display them in their windows or front garden to form a public light trail around the village. Look out also for light projections around the village.

Inside the museum will be films made by artists and knitwear students (some of them knitted frame by frame!). Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an audio piece in the frame shop. This uses recordings of the machines to create an eerie sound work that can be experienced in a candle-lit environment

You will also have the chance to try knitting with glow in the dark yarn and make simple cuffs, snoods and leg warmers to wear and light up the village!